Certainly many of you have noticed various projects taking place with our buildings and grounds. Our temporary parking has experienced a slight face lift to allow for a much more solid surface with new stone, curbing and parking bumpers to allow for better alignment. All of this should provide for additional parking spaces in our temporary lot. Several buses and vans have either been purchased or donated over the past several months, and some of our men have been overseeing the servicing and maintenance of these vehicles to insure that they are in excellent running condition. Soon you will notice a temporary fenced-in parking area for the protection of these vehicles.

One of the last major projects will begin in October. The first of four new buildings will be built near the front side of our mission house. It is estimated that this project (the first of four buildings) will take about two months to complete, and once completed it will provide approximately 3,200 sq.ft. of additional educational space. As you well know, our educational space continues to be used to the max, and we are always looking for new and creative ways to expand our space while maintaining our commitment to remain debt free to any outside entities. All of the aforementioned were presented and approved in one of our business meetings earlier this year. At that time we stated we would work within the monies available within our Trust Funds, and we have met this commitment.

Knowing that we continue to see the Lord bless Hillcrest with many wonderful new people of all ages and races, I believe that it is imperative for us to move to repay our Trust Funds as quickly as possible so that we may then begin to make plans for much larger, permanent structures that will accommodate all those the Lord sends to Hillcrest. So, with the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the encouragement of many in the church I am setting aside OCTOBER 16, 2011 for a sacrificial offering: TOUCHING OTHERS FOR GOD’S GLORY.

Many have continued to give to our previous building program so that the money we borrowed from our Trust Funds is continuing to be repaid. We have also transferred $125,000 from our general fund to the repayment of these funds as well. Because of the strong repayment of the Trust Funds we are able to move forward with the projects that I have mentioned. However, if we all give sacrificially together we can see the current projects paid in full at a much sooner date, and this will allow our Long Range Planning Ministry Team the ability to begin to lay forth plans for additional building programs that will enlarge our ability to TOUCH OTHERS FOR GOD’S GLORY.

All of the projects that we have currently completed and will complete before the end of the year come with a price tag. That price is somewhere around $350,000 and $400,000. I do not know what the Lord might do through a special offering, but I do know that we serve a mighty God that is able to do “exceedingly, abundantly more than we would ever ask or think”, and that is exactly what He has continued to do in the life of Hillcrest.

So I ask that you join me in seeking the Lord’s will for what He would have each of us to give on OCTOBER 16, 2011 for TOUCHING OTHERS FOR GOD’S GLORY.