That’s right; we’re going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Pastor Mike, Beverly and family at Hillcrest Baptist Church. Plans are in place for an exciting celebration on September 11, 2011. This will begin in the 9am service and continue through the evening service. Please mark your calendar and plan to participate in this grand event.

It has been suggested that we give them a very nice gift for this accomplishment. Some suggested great ideas including a cruise. But CASH seemed to be the most practical. They can use it where it is most meaningful and helpful for them.

We are requesting the membership to consider making a special monetary gift to show our appreciation for the Simmon’s commitment to God and to this congregation. We are asking that you pray and give special consideration to your gift. Please designate your gift as “20th Anniversary” on your envelope sometime before Sept.11, 2011.

Please remember this day and plan to be there to help celebrate.