by Richard Cody

It is difficult to step away from a ministry after serving 11 years. We have experienced “life together” shedding a few tears and experiencing joyous times. It has truly been amazing.

Monday, January 2 when I get into my truck and head to the office, I will not be heading to Cedar Hill. It will feel strange. Some close friends would say it is not strange it is wrong. They can take that up with God.

As I reflect on our ministry, I realize the many new people who stepped into leadership. Dr. Trammell is the only adult teacher still teaching in our Bible Fellowship from when I came in 2000. Of course, we only had four adult departments. It has allowed me to develop and place new leadership through out the church.

When I was 18 years old, my student pastor gave me the article “Surround Yourself with Champions”, by Jerry Falwell. In those days, I did not know Jerry Falwell but I liked what he had to say. What I took away from his message was to develop a Christ-centered team built on integrity and respect. When looking for leaders I would ask myself three questions:

  • Do they have a servant’s heart?
  • Are they teachable?
  • Do they have the ability?

I believe there will be an impact on Hillcrest for years to come.

Prayer Partners

I have had several people express their desire to pray for us. If you would email me at [email protected].
I will send you our weekly prayer update.

Thank You

Thank you for the opportunity to serve with you. God has done some incredible things. We will miss your hunger for the Word, your passion for worship, your hugs and your encouraging words. Thank you for your influence on my life. It will impact me for years to come.