written by: Pastor Mike Simmons

Just over a year ago we began a process of moving to put into clear and concise words the mission values and mission measures of Hillcrest. Simply put, each of these goals has been accomplished during a process of meetings with staff and leadership, as well as, the use of our church-wide survey and area demographics.

Even though we have “word crafted” our mission, vision, and mission measures statement we still have much left to accomplish in the development of our strategy, the “nuts and bolts” that will enable every member of Hillcrest to move in the same direction in ultimately fulfilling our mission.

On Sunday evening, March 4, at 6:00pm we will unveil our mission, values and mission measures statement, the results of our church-wide survey, and the process that we will move into as a church family to discover and develop our strategy. It is extremely important that you make plans to attend this exciting night of the beginning of the final steps of moving Hillcrest into a clear and focused direction of fulfilling our mission together!