Rupert’s Ramblings and Perspective

I am truly blessed and humbled to be a part of Hillcrest. As of this newsletter mailing, I am approaching the six month mark as Associate Pastor and Business Administrator. As I continue to meet people, discover how things are accomplished; understand and review policies and procedures, and learn the unique culture and heritage of Hillcrest Baptist Church; I am discovering that I am only one of many who have joined Hillcrest that do not know the rich heritage, structure and testimony of Hillcrest. I want to use a small portion of our newsletter to let you know month by month as well as week by week in the e-newsletter, a point or note or two of things I discover and actions that are taking place.

This month I want to mention one of the two items that the Long Range Planning Ministry Team recommended at our Quarterly Business Meeting on April 29. The first recommendation was for Hillcrest to pursue the start of a Christian school, beginning with at least kindergarten in the Fall of 2013. This action is a beginning step of a core vision, desire, and continuation of preparation work that has been a part of Hillcrest for decades. This vision for a school has driven much of how Hillcrest has gone about ministry, development, structured dealings in the business community as well as how we work with the City of Cedar Hill. Many of these things will be the topic of this space in the future.

Next time – the goals, path, planning and process outline in the planning and development of the school. It is a pleasure and an honor for my family to be a part of Hillcrest Baptist Church.

Growing together to be like Christ,
rupert r. robbins