I mentioned last month that I would try to shed some insight into the goals, path, planning and process outline in the planning and development of the school here at Hillcrest.

The Long Range Planning Ministry Team has tasked a sub committee, headed by Donnie Page, with the development of a Board for the school, governance documents as a stand alone ministry of Hillcrest Baptist Church, policies for the school, advertisement, and the initial size and offering of the school. The sub committee is comprised of the following individuals: Donnie Page, Beverly Simmons, Dr. Peggy Trammell, Kay Kamm, Nancy Fletcher, Michael Johnson (member of the Long Range Planning Ministry Team), Dr. Becky Shepherd, and Dr. Karen Kennemer. In anticipation of the starting of a school in the Fall of 2013 our Hillcrest Child Development Center will be adding a 3 day pre-Kindergarten program to their current regular 2 day program beginning this Fall for the 2012-2013 school term.

There is great anticipation that the addition of a school ministry at Hillcrest Baptist Church will open a new and fruitful opportunity to minister to more young families.

Next time – a few details, goals, and processes involved in adding a third Sunday morning Worship Service as presented and voted on in the April 29th quarterly business meeting.

Growing together to be like Christ,
rupert r. robbins