Day 1 Update:

After months of training, our LIT’s were ready to get out and put into practice what they’ve been learning over the last year. Our day began with a time of prayer with our church family, led by our missions pastor. With 9 cars, 2 trailers, 32 students, 18 adults we were ready to hit the road and began our 3 hour journey to Austin.

We arrived at Great Hills Baptist Church, our host church, at 2:00 PM. We were welcomed by three of their preteen students, who are joining us this week. Chris, GHBC Apartment Missionary, led our LITs through an awareness training, to help inform them of the sights they would be at for the week. Students then divided up into their sight groups for last minute preparations. 4:00 p.m. came and students departed GHBC to go to their sites to canvas the apartment complexes and have a time of prayer.

When the groups returned from their sites we were all served a delicious homemade lasagna sent with us from Mr. Danny! A HUGE thanks from all of us to you – it was scrumptious!!

During our evening worship and share time we learned that there would be an abundance of kids at two of our sites. We were so excited about the news and immediately began to pray! We knew that we would need more adults, especially male adults. We had two sites without male leaders. Our evening ended with a sweet time of worship , praying and trusting God to provide.