Day three, Tuesday started like the two days before it: wake up, breakfast, quiet time, clean up, climb on vans, head to morning activity. But that’s where things were no longer normal.

We spent the morning touring the Air Force base here in Cheyenne. We wee greeted at the front gate of the base by master commander chaplain Kite who brought a military bus for the students to ride on during the tour.

We were greeted by several other officers and enlisted men and women and brought to the main chapel on the base. They showed us a fascinating video of what they do there at Warren Air Force base including how they man the silo’s that house the nuclear rockets under ground there in Wyoming. What an amazing opportunity to hear what God is doing in and around one of the most dangerous places in the world. The chaplain explained how they minister to the 5000 plus airmen and women who live there and put their lives at risk every day. Thank you God for these amazing men and women!!

After lunch, both teams headed out to their sites. The Laramie team, after a really awesome training time led by Keri Meek about how to give your testimony, saw almost 25 children show up or the evening VBS. Spencer Johnson was the site leader for the day and did an amazing job leading the crew. The boys were especially influential today as they worked hard at connecting and sharing their faith with the children. Ben, Conner, Sam, Ryley, Matthew, and so many others were true spiritual leaders.

The Cheyenne team arrived back at their site to see over 45 children awaiting their return. The boys at this site stepped up in a big way as well as they saw five children pray to receive Christ for the very first time. Deyvian, Adam, Noah, Tommy, Logan, Michael, Cody, Johnathan, Hunter, and others led the way and protected the girls as they went door to door and invited children and shared their faith. What an amazing day. Thank you God!!

As the students arrived back at the home church around 9:30, they were on fire. God had showed himself in a big way and during share time they opened up, even to the point of tears, and talked with excitement about how God had used them that day.

What a privilege it has been to watch the Holy Spirit use our students to change lives, even generations, for Christ.