This past weekend at Hillcrest Baptist Church we launched our Connected 3D Campaign. Click HERE to listen to the sermon if you were unable to join us this last weekend. The main focus of this campaign is for individuals and families to use technology in a God-honoring way. Our pastor, Mike Simmons did a great job challenging us on three Ds: Disconnect to connect, Deepen internal values, and Develop external boundaries. To assist you in this focus we have created a Connected 3D kit. If you were not able to pick one up this past weekend, click HERE or pick one up on Sunday in the foyer.

Connected3D Prayer: Stop whatever you are doing right now to spend a few moments in prayer for yourself and your family using the following…

  • DISCONNECT TO CONNECT: “Lord, help me to recognize when to put my device away and connect with You and with those closest to me.”
  • DEEPEN INTERNAL VALUES: “Lord, I choose to honor you with how I use all areas of technology.”
  • DEVELOP EXTERNAL BOUNDARIES: “God I will not allow technology to be used in an unhealthy way by myself or my family. Help us to create some new boundaries in our home that are appropriate for our family.”

Over the next seven weeks we will send updates with resources, tips and encouragement. We hope they will help you and your family to replace virtual connection with real connection to God and each other.

Going Further:

Click HERE to connect with the Digital Kid’s Initiative, a Christian-based resource created by the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding. Here you will find information and resources to help you and your family navigate the digital world.