Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc…Some of these giants are here to stay and others will come and go. Social media, through various routes, is not going away anytime soon. We do not need to fear these different avenues of technology connection, but we do need to understand them so that we can help deepen internal values and develop external boundaries for ourselves and our families.

There are lots of ways that social media can be used for good. I can publically encourage my spouse, celebrate a child’s accomplishment, spiritually invest in a friend across the world, and even help link others to great resources for growth. Social media, and most other technology components, can be leveraged for good or for harm. Lets make sure we are informed and also make sure we know how to use these in a God-honoring way if they are going to be in our homes.

First, watch this funny video about social media HERE.

Second, click HERE to visit The Source For Parents and search social media. There is very helpful information found here to educate and coach you with wise decisions in regards to social media in your home. There is also more great information and resources you will find here.