ADVENT WEEK 2: Go HERE to download this week’s Advent activity to guide your family through a brief moment of reflection during a meal or bedtime snack in anticipating of your Christmas celebration.

MEANINGFUL GIFT GIVING: As you begin the Christmas shopping process over the coming weeks use a creative approach to gift giving that limits everyone to three gifts, each representing one of those the Wise Men brought to a baby king.

  • GOLD (a precious metal): The gift that would be most precious – possibly the biggest item or something they’ve wanted for a long time. Place a Gold bow on red wrapping paper to symbolize the most costly gift God gave when Jesus shed his blood for our sins. Before opening the gift read John 3:16 together.
  • FRANKINCENSE (a sweet-smelling perfume): This item would be the “sweetest” to them: something that fits their personality, their passions, their interests or hobbies. Many choose a favorite food item for this gift. Wrap it in silver paper, representing the fulfillment of the promised Messiah. Read Isaiah 9:6 together before opening.
  • MYRRH (an oil used for many practical purposes, like anointing): This gift is a highly practical item. Although it may not be exciting, some things simply need to be replaced. One year you might give each child new bedding, another year fun pajamas. A sweater, socks, t-shirts, tights and the like can be bundled together in one big box. Wrap this gift in green paper, representing Jesus as the everlasting hope of mankind. Read Titus 2:13 together before opening.


Going Further: Visit the Faith-Filled Holidays page to download a guide to this and other ideas to use throughout the holiday season. You can also download the free Intentional Holidays episode of our podcast..