Let’s face it husbands, we often forget important details. We drop the ball, display laziness and make selfish decisions or demands. None of us need help making our wives crazy because of us. But all of us could benefit from the secret to making our wives crazy about us!

Read Ephesians 5:25-29. The Apostle instructs husbands to love their wives the way that Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. In other words, Christ-like husbands love their wives in a sacrificial, unconditional, selfless and compassionate way. Not just when she is respecting you. Not just when you feel like she is meeting your needs. It is by first loving your wife sacrificially that you will make it easier for her to become crazy about you. There is nothing passive about that.

Heroic Husband Challenge #1: Turn up the temperature this week when it comes to demonstrating sacrificial love for your wife. Here are some general prompts to help you brainstorm how to best act on this. Ask yourself six questions to identify at least one way you can reflect Christ’s love for his bride in the next few days.

  • How can I better put her needs before my own?
  • Where can I serve her around the house in ways that are challenging to me?
  • How can I connect with her emotionally that would be meaningful to her?
  • What could I do to show romantic affection without expecting something in return?
  • Are there arenas she would appreciate me bearing a greater share of the weight of responsibility when it comes to creating a healthy and Godly marriage and family?
  • Could I demonstrate a more positive attitude of sacrificial love?

There is no need to create a massive list of long-term goals. Identify two or three clear things you can make happen in the next few days.

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