Last week we challenged you to ask God for grace as you seek to model heroic self-sacrifice on behalf of those you’ve been called to lead. How is that process going? How would you even know? The Apostle Paul summarized the attitudes and actions of Christ-like manhood in Philippians 2:5-8. Compare your present reality to the target he established.

Heroic Challenge #2: Take a few minutes to assess yourself in five specific areas Paul says we are supposed to be like the ultimate man, Christ Jesus. Select the letter grade indicating how you have related to your family and others in the past week:

  • HE MADE HIMSELF NOTHING: Elevate those you lead rather than seek personal recognition or attention. (Your Grade: A· B· C· D· F)
  • HE BECAME A SERVANT: Meet the needs of others before your own expectations or demands. (Your Grade: A· B· C· D· F)
  • HE HUMBLED HIMSELF: Harness your strength to protect rather than leverage it to dominate. (Your Grade: A· B· C· D· F)
  • HE BECAME OBEDIENT: Model ethical integrity and moral purity rather than pursue self-gratification. (Your Grade: A· B· C· D· F)
  • HE DIED ON A CROSS: Sacrifice something important to you (i.e. time, money, a hobby) in order to give to your family. (Your Grade: A· B· C· D· F)

In the category you consider yourself least like Jesus Christ identify one step you can take this week to become more heroic.

Going Further:

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