Nehemiah Kids

This program is a challenge for the church and the families who attend to raise a generation that will stand for Christ and His kingdom. Nehemiah was the cup bearer at the court of King Artaxerxes. Before Nehemiah became a leader of the people of Israel, he was a servant to the king. He served the king faithfully. As a result of his faithfulness, the king allowed Nehemiah to leave his service and return to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall of the city. Nehemiah became one of the great leaders of his time because he followed God’s plan for his life. NK is ministry with a purpose and with objectives: to see boys and girls grow in their walk of faith and to support families in the process of disciplining their children.

What Is Nehemiah Kids (NK)?

Nehemiah Kids is a discipleship ministry for children in the 1st through 4th grades. Through this ministry, adult leaders work with the children to:

  • lead any of them who are lost to a saving knowledge of Christ,
  • help them discover their identity in Christ,
  • disciple them in spiritual disciplines,
  • equip them for sharing the Gospel and doing ministry, and
  • help them find places of service in the church and in the community.

Ministry Objectives for NK

The NK ministry aim to:

  • teach parents the importance of disciplining their children and assist them in the process of disciplining their children,
  • teach children the spiritual discipline of having a regular devotional life,
  • teach them how to apply God’s Word to their daily lives,
  • teach them how to pray and spend time alone with God,
  • teach them how to be leaders in the church,
  • help those who have received Christ discover their spiritual gifts and use them to build up God’s church,
  • help them develop a desire to serve others inside and outside the church,
  • teach them to pray for lost people and how to share their faith, and
  • take children outside the church to do mission projects—locally.
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