Welcome to the Kid Faith New Believers class, a special opportunity for children in first through third graders who have recently accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. At Hillcrest , we are committed to helping your child understand the significance of their decision and to build a strong foundation for their faith journey.

Class Overview:

In this class, children will exciting journey to explore what it means to be a Christian and deepen their relationship with Jesus. The class covers essential topics, including:

  1. Understanding Christianity: Children will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian and follow Jesus.
  2. Church Ordinances: We will teach them about important church practices like baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
  3. Church Membership: They’ll discover what it means to be a member of the church community and how to actively engage in it.
  4. Daily Quiet Time: We’ll encourage the healthy habit of having a daily quiet time with God, helping them nurture their relationship with Him.
  5. Salvation Testimony: Children will learn how to write and share their salvation testimony, expressing their personal journey of faith.
  6. Sharing the Gospel: We’ll equip them with the knowledge and skills to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Class Requirements:

  • This session of Kid Faith is designed for children in first through third grade who have recently made the decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  • To attend, your child must be able to participate in all three class sessions and meet prior to start of class with someone on the children’s ministerial staff.
  • At least one parent is required to attend the parent session on January 14 with our Director of Family Ministries. This will help you understand what your child is learning and prepare you to answer any questions they may have following the class.

Contact Information:

For more information about the Kid Faith New Believers class, please feel free to reach out to the Hillcrest Children’s Ministry:

We are excited to be a part of your child’s faith journey and look forward to seeing them grow in their relationship with Jesus. Thank you for choosing the Hillcrest Children’s Ministry to be a part of this important step in their spiritual development.