Join us for Summer Book Clubs! Who doesn’t enjoy a great book and reading it with friends! The books we’ve listed will help you prepare for Fall Bible study, and the Club format makes it fun. We hope you will host or lead a group and follow these four easy steps:

1) Choose a book from the list & purchase your copy

2) Invite your friends

3) Send us the info by registering online

4) Begin!

Once you have established your group, please email Anna Minor ([email protected]) to let her know which book you have chosen, who’s in your group, their contact information, and when you plan to meet. You may meet together as often as you like; once per week is recommended so that the material doesn’t go stale. We want everyone to read the first 18 chapters of Exodus to be ready for our study in the Fall. Choose a modern translation; i.e., New Living Translation, English Standard Version, and please refrain from reading study Bibles or paraphrases (The Message). Read the chapters several times with different translations to gain an overall understanding. This Summer Book Club is not about how many books you can read; rather, it’s about learning how we are to live for Jesus. However, when you finish one book, you may choose another.
Let’s do this together!

Book List

The Gospel Comes with a House Key
by Rosaria Butterfield
The Ways of God
by Richard Blackaby
You are a Theologian
by Jen Wilken & JT English