March 1 – 2

THERE{4} is a 2-day conference designed to inspire the next generation of high school girls to boldly live out their identity in Jesus Christ. Get ready for a weekend of incredible worship, amazing speakers, and creative interactions designed just for you!

In an age where truth seems to shift and bend to current trends and culture , you can easily get lost in the challenges, doubts, and temptations all around you. But even in the midst of this chaos, God’s Word remains a constant guiding light—our TRUE NORTH.

Join us this March as we learn to trust in His Word above all else – over our emotions, culture’s whispers, and the opinions of friends – and discover unwavering certainty in this uncertain world.

Our fun and fellowship will not be limited to just the conference. We will meet at the student building carpool together then return to the church for a sleepover! Late night snick-snacks & breakfast will also be provided.