February 16 – 18

Every day, students wake up with an enormous amount of things to do in their day. It’s a never-ending cycle of school, sports, clubs, work, friends, family, church…and not to mention all of the everyday tasks like brushing their teeth or combing their hair. All of these things take time and energy, so it is no wonder that students may end up sacrificing their quiet time with God to knock out some of the immediate stressors in their life.

DNOW WKND is a weekend retreat in which students ranging from 7th-12th grade will get the opportunity to “press pause” and reflect on the glory of God. Students will be spiritually challenged and encouraged as they explore the bible in small group sessions and learn how to influence their world for Christ. Through each session, students will learn the importance of pressing the “pause button” on their schedules and wholeheartedly seeking the Lord.