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  • Graduate Information

  • Please list either awards you have received or groups you were involved in while in high school. If you were an officer in a club, please make that distinction. I will not be able to read all of them, so just list the most prominent. Examples include (Key Club, Z Club, FCA, etc.) and for awards ( Who’s Who Among American High School students, athletic awards, valedictorian, etc.).
  • Include what you plan to do in the future. Will you go to College and if so, where? And what will you major in? Will you go directly into the work force? If so, what will your job be? Keep it simple, but include enough information to help us understand what you will be doing in the near future. If undecided at this time, just write that below or let us know what you would like to do.
  • My Last Will and Testament of My High School Days

  • (College, major, occupation, interests…)
  • (Ex. My hair to Tommy Foster)