As a family night activity


Create a New Year’s tradition to collect special memorabilia and a fun family time to celebrate a year of blessings.


  • Make sure you have the following on hand:
  • Box
  • Stuff to decorate the box: Scissors, pencils/crayons, stickers, magazine clippings, photos
  • Or a jar labeled “Blessings”, to fill with slips of paper throughout the year

Follow these steps for a great experience…

1. On New Year’s Eve as you wait for the clock to strike midnight, join together in some family fun! Gather all the items from the previous page.

2. Let everyone add a personal touch to the box/jar. Mark the box with the year.

3. Spend some time talking about the upcoming year, what you want to do together, some things that each family member wants to accomplish and any family prayers.

4. Take some time to pray together for the upcoming year.

5. Put the box/jar in a special place where everyone will see it.

6. All year long, fill the box/jar with ticket stubs, photos, birthday invites, trinkets, funny quotes, etc.

7. Then, on New Year’s Eve, you open the box and relive the year of memories together as a family.

8. Thank God for all His many blessings and all the memories that were made together.

9. Then it is time to make a memory box for the next year.

Optional: After you go through your memory box/jar on New Year’s Eve, keep any special or significant items and put them in a special album or journal.

Optional: With older kids and teens talk about the importance of setting goals. Discuss Luke 2:52 and challenge each family member to set goals on how to grow with God in wisdom, favor, and stature.

Download a copy of this holiday guide to print.