There is no life more exciting than the life of a minister!

I was raised in a Christian home by parents who were committed to the Lord. My parents both volunteered extensively in our small churches, and were faithful to have five children in attendance “every time the doors were open.” So in Ft. Worth, Texas, at age eleven, it was easy to ask Christ into my heart.

I remember loving the church as a youth, and music was a big part of my life. However, I never really considered vocational ministry until my years at college. It was there I realized that I became a minister of the gospel of Christ when I trusted Him as my Savior. During my sophomore year, God clearly and unequivocally called me to serve Him vocationally. I gladly accepted that call, and began ministry through the church as I worked to complete my education. In 1979, I married the love of my life and she became my partner in ministry. Now, after many years of vocational service, there is still no greater thrill. To sing, to teach– to lead worship is a great privilege. Worshipping Him  is  so much more than a weekend activity–  It is a lifestyle! And whether I am serving people or playing with our grandchildren, it is a wonderful lifestyle!