Day 2 Update:

Rise and Shine and give God the glory! Morning worship – great way to start the day!

“Bend Low”

We were challenged to humble ourselves, become nothing, and take on a role of a servant. Whether that means wiping a nose, sitting with a small child, picking up trash, we are called to be obedient and serve others. Students and leaders spent the remainder of their worship on their knees praying.

Site 5 – Kids were jumping up and down and dancing all around, singing “Today is the day He has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Nothing better than teaching songs about Jesus!!

Site 2: Mathew Walraven sharing his story of how he became a Christian. He has a story to tell and is not ashamed to share it to whomever will listen.

Site 5: Maddie Smith telling today’s Bible story. Full of expression and life she kept the kids attention.

Site 2: LITs were so excited that so many kids came out to spend the day with them. They shared a Bible Story, taught Bible verse, made crafts, played games , and shared the Gospel to all the children at each site.

Site 2: Amy Garrison spending time with one of the girls at camp.