Pastoral Staff

Mike Simmons

Senior Pastor

Donnie Page

Associate Pastor
[Worship & Senior Adults]

Lawrence Cole

Associate Pastor
[Education & Discipleship]

Rupert Robbins

Associate Pastor
[Business Administrator]

Misael Rodríguez

Associate Pastor
[Hispanic Ministries]

Brian James

Minister of Communications & Worship

Michael Dennis

Minister to Students

Keri Meek

Minister to Children

James Crockett

Minister to College

Support Staff

Marybeth Simmons

Director of Communications

Tonya David

Financial Services Manager

Stacey King

Ministry Assistant

Anna Minor

Education Ministry Assistant

Brenda Asselin

Children's Ministry Administrative Assistant

Rebekah Bishop

Financial Ministry Assistant

Valerie Rhodes

Ministry Assistant

Cathey Burgess

HCDC Director

Cami Jerez

HCDC Assistant Director