Our Mission

What are we doing?

The first part of the Hillcrest Vision Frame is the mission. The mission is the guiding compass of the church. It gives us direction and points everyone in that direction.

Our mission is Loving and Serving God and Loving and Serving Others.

Our mission statement may sound simple, but to us, it guides everything we do and flows from the mission of Jesus himself as he described in the Great Commandment in Matthew 22:37–39 and the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19–20.

Our Values

Why are we doing it?

Our Values make up the second part of our Vision Frame as they are the motivational flame of the church.

They are the shared convictions that guide actions.

  • Biblical Truth: Recognizing God’s perfect Word as the authority for life and faith.
  • Passionate Worship: Loving and honoring God both individually and collectively.
  • Authentic Relationships: Cultivating a family of love, mercy, and grace.
  • Prayer: Continuous conversation with our Heavenly Father.
  • Missional Living: Intentionally taking Jesus into the places where we live, work, and play.

Our Measures

When are we successful?


The third part of our Vision Frame is Measures. Our Measures keep us on target and describe what life looks like when we are living out our mission.

Love God

I worship wholeheartedly.

I read the Word regularly.

I pray continually.

I obey God faithfully.

Serve God

I surrender myself to God daily.

I use my gifts faithfully.

I give biblically.

I follow Him without hesitation.

Love Others

My family relationships are growing biblically.

I am personally accountable to other believers.

I am discipling others personally.

I care for others compassionately.

Serve Others

I share the Gospel readily.

I engage in local ministry opportunities.

I am involved in global missions.

I intentionally develop relationships with unbelievers.

Our Strategy

How are we doing it?

The fourth area of our Vision Frame is Strategy. It is like a flashlight that helps everyone clearly see the next steps to getting involved.

Our Strategy consists of four proven pathways to accomplishing our mission at Hillcrest.

Our desire is that each person worships, grows, serves, and goes as part of the Hillcrest family.





Our Vision

Where is God taking us?

We desire to encounter God and equip believers to engage others with the Gospel.

The vision frame is only a tool to help us all work together toward our goal of accomplishing this mission.

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