I have just a couple of things to report this month that are happening around the business office and Hillcrest Baptist Church facilities these days.

PSK (an accounting firm out or Arlington Texas) performed the field work portion of a financial review the week of July 17th. PSK is experienced and well respected in the world of non-profit organizations, especially churches. The Finance Ministry Team authorized and budgeted for this review. Hillcrest Baptist Church has had outside firms perform financial reviews for several years and is of great benefit and assistance to the finance office as we strive to execute our
duties with honor, integrity and transparency.

I will take this opportunity to give a special thank you to Tonya David. Tonya is of enormous assistance to me and as our Financial Director, she does her work faithfully and as an offering unto the LORD, both selflessly and with diligence.

We are also in the process of installing a master keying system on the interior doors of the Hillcrest Baptist Church. If you have keys to the interior doors of the church, please be patient with us as we implement this new system and redistribute keys to those that need them.