January is a time of celebrating all that God has done in our lives over the past year. I want to take this time to CELEBRATE the lives of some very special people in our church family.

Danny and Sharon Hemphill and Cathe Phipps

For over 20 years we have been blessed beyond measure to have Cathe Phipps along with Danny and Sharon Hemphill leading our preschoolers and their families. You cannot know the time that all three have invested to make our preschool ministry what it is today. God has uniquely gifted them in a very special way to care for and teach God’s love to all children from the very youngest of age. Cathe and Sharon are the “Dynamic Duo.” They have been the nuts and bolts of our preschool area for many years. Cathe has provided families with a safe and loving environment for preschoolers, and has trained hundreds of preschool volunteers to effectively teach our preschoolers. She has a special touch that makes everyone feel loved and welcomed. Sharon’s heart has been to provide a well-stocked and organized resource room to allow preschool teachers to have what they need to teach a creative and age appropriate lesson at any given time. She has invested hours to create the amazing resource room that we are blessed to have today. I have nicknamed Mr. Danny the Baby Whisperer. He can quiet and calm any baby who is having a difficult time adjusting to the nursery or who is overly tired.

In Ecclesiastes it tells us that there is a time and a season for everything. God moves people in and out of different ministries in His time to serve His purpose. After many years, the Lord is moving the Cathe, Sharon and Danny to serve in other ministries both within and outside of Hillcrest. Their legacy will forever live in the preschool wing at Hillcrest, and of course they promise to visit often and are always a phone call away if needed. Our Baby Whisperer cannot go too far away!!

Please take time to let Cathe, Sharon and Danny know how much they are loved and appreciated