Monday started early as the students were up by 7:00 AM, showered, had their quiet time, breakfast, and were in the vans at 9:00 AM.

Each team, Cheyenne and Laramie, headed in town to knock on doors and invite children for the afternoon VBS as well as prayer walk the area. Cheyenne is about 35 minutes away and Laramie is about 45 minutes.

After prayer walking and canvassing the neighborhood for two hours, everyone headed back to home base at Happy Jack for lunch. We had delicious grilled chicken sandwiches.

Around 1:00 PM, each team headed back out. The Laramie team went to a nursing home and walked residents around Washington Park and sat and visited with them while sharing their faith. The Cheyenne team headed to West Wind mobile home park where an existing ministry called The Rock was waiting for our students to arrive and lead the afternoon VBS.

The Cheyenne team had 38 children present and several other adults and youth. More than 50 people attended the first days activities. The team led recreation, music, Bible story, gave snacks, and did a craft with the children. Our students worked SO HARD!! They loved on the children and made friends quickly. After finishing at The Rock at 4:00 PM, the team ate their self made sack dinner and debriefed from the day. They did a great job at recognizing moments that went well, while identifying area that need improvement. At 5:00 PM, the Cheyenne team headed to Carpenter, Wyoming to help Life Point church with their basketball camp. Our students were once again tireless as they jumped, bounced, hugged, and played with the children. By 9:00 PM, the Cheyenne team arrived back at Happy Jack tired but full of joy.

The Laramie team finished up at the nursing home around 4:30 and headed to LaBonte park near Trinity Baptist Church to start their VBS. Almost 20 children attended the VBS at the Laramie site. Once again, the students led recreation, arts and crafts, music, and Bible story. The team was so focused and shared the story of Jesus in such a powerful way. You would have been so proud of them. The Laramie team arrived back at Happy Jack at 9:00 PM as well. After showering and resting, the teams met at 10:30 pm to debrief and plan for he next door. By 11:30 PM they were heading to bed.

God had been so good to us and we are so thankful for your prayers. Keep praying.