Wednesday began early as the students grabbed breakfast, continued their week long devotion time in the book of Daniel, and loaded the vans. This morning we headed to Sunnyside Baptist Church on the other side of Cheyenne.

We were there to place labels that shared how to accept Christ as your savior on water bottles that would be distributed for free at the end of July during Frontier Days. What a privelidge to prepare the water bottles for other churches to come on mission and give away during this important time here in Wyoming. We were told that during Frontier days, a week long festival, more than 40,000 bottles of water with the gospel message will be handed out. What a ministry.

As the students arrived, we were told that another youth ministry had labeled water bottles the day before and had covered 8,000 bottles in a little under three hours. We had less people than they had and only two hours. But after sharing this information, our youth were up to the challenge. (As you know we have several competitive boys and girls) At the two hour mark, we had labeled 8,244 bottles. This was an average of 68 bottles per minute. The students went crazy. We took several pictures and hugged each other and headed out at 11:30 AM for lunch. We had spagetti and prepared ourselves for our last day of VBS with the children.

The Cheyenne team continued to have 40 plus children. With five children aready asking Jesus to come into their life, the team pressed on with urgency as they shared their testimony and prayed with many children. At the end of the day another eleven children prayed to receive Christ. That made 16 in three days. PRAISE GOD!! The youth were moved emotionally and thrilled spiritually. God was so evident during this time. During our debriefing time, the pastor of the ministry there at the Mobile home park said that he had not seen a salvation in over FOUR YEARS!! I was schocked. To be honest, I figured some of the children who had prayed to recieve Christ had done this before. But this was not the case. Pastor Brian said he had not seen this type of outpouring of God’s spirit in over four years. Again, PRAISE GOD!!

As the team was wrapping up, Andre Olivarez went to buy the 30 students and adults at the Cheyenne site a slushy at the local Sonic. As he was about to pay, the manager came out and said they were on the house. What a blessing. It had been a long and hot day. The manager told Andre that he was happy to support the youth doing God’s work there in Cheyenne.

Yesterday, I bragged on the boys. Today I will brag on the girls. We are so blessed to have the Godly ladies we have on mission trip this week. They have shown incredible amounts of love and compassion for these children. Everywhere you look you see our girls playing, rocking, holding, hugging, and listening to these children. Ashley Theobald, Abbie Hancock, Brook Koiner, Sydney Jackson, Alyssa Hopson, Callie King, Amanda Lein, Cleo, and so many others have been a true reflection of God’s love this week at the Cheyenne site.

Likewise, the Laramie team held their last VBS of the week. The girls here were just as amazing as the Cheyenne team. Abi Camarillo, Hannah and Shelby Meek, Daniella, Claudia, Erica, Makenzie, and Belle were a part of team that saw their attendance grow daily and also saw several salvations during the week. Althought the majority of the children in the Laramie location were churched children, theses children were loved on and encouraged in their relationship with Christ just as much as the children in Cheyenne. We are truly blessed to have so many Godly young ladies in our youth ministry. I am a blessed youth pastor and cannot wait to see what God is going to do with this group of young men and women in the days and years to come.

Our day ended with worship and share time. The youth laughed and shared and cried all at the same time as they talked about how God has used them to touch the lives of the children and adults. An adult at the Laramie location told me, “This is the best group of youth were have ever had here at Trinity B.C. and I should know, I have been a member of this church for 30 years.” Thank you God for an amazing group of students and adults!!

Pray for us as we get up at 6:00 AM Friday morning and pack, clean, and head towards Denver. I will write about Thursday then. God has been so good to us and it is because of your prayers.