Day 4 – Tuesday:

Even more kids came to our sites today! Our LIT’s were really excited to see their friends and meet the new children who came today. We could tell that they felt more comfortable in their leadership roles. Even our shy and quiet children appeared more confident as they shared. At one site, the games and music were really big hits today. One older boy, who was stand-offish yesterday, was very enthusiastic today and participated in all the activities. He even helped his younger brothers with the craft. At another site, one of the children who came even asked if he could lead one of the prayers. We can already see the Lord working in each group. It’s such a blessing to see all of our LIT’s working and serving together as they follow the Lord’s leading each day. We look forward to continuing to spread seeds each day!

Please be praying for our Kidz Blitz on Thursday-that many children and their families will come.