As we prepare for our annual Global Impact Celebration at the end of February, we invite you to join us in prayer for those planning and the missionaries who will be participating. For more information on GIC, visit

Please pray:

  1. For the missionaries who will be joining us this year for our Global Impact Celebration. Ask God to give them energy and strength as they begin this new year and for fresh vision for their ministries.
  2. That God will provide the necessary resources for each of these missionaries as they come from various parts of the world to join us for this conference.
  3. For the GIC leadership team as they plan and prepare for this year’s celebration. Pray that all of the details will come together as needed and that they will be sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit as they prepare.
  4. That God will begin stirring the hearts of all of us at Hillcrest and preparing us for the messages we will hear during GIC.