We are challenging Hillcrest Baptist Church families to use technology in a God-honoring way. It is difficult to do that if we do not understand the devices that are in our homes or the ones that our children desire. Therefore, we want to equip you with a guide that we have found that will help you in your understanding of devices before you purchase them and after you own them. Here you will find specific questions to ask as you go to purchase particular devices and quick printout sheets on specific devices and the info that you need to know about them.

We want you to have full understandings of how to make those devices as safe as possible for your home. It will take some work, but it is worth your time.

Click HERE for great tools for parents on the topic of technology and devices.

Browse through this guide and make a list of the five immediate things you desire to do in regards to the devices in your home. Over this next two weeks implement all five of those things that you identified.