Thank you for accepting the challenge to move beyond male passivity in order to become a more Christ-like man. You are one of those who will help us create a church-wide culture where heroic leadership becomes normal and expected. How? By increasing your own level of manly intentionality over the coming six weeks. If you haven’t already done so be sure to request weekly texts or e-mails in all categories that apply:

  • Single Man
  • Married Man
  • Father with kids at home
  • Grandfather

Heroic Challenge #1: Stop whatever you are doing right now to spend a few moments in prayer using the following prompts…

  • ASK FOR GRACE: Ask God for the grace needed to adopt the attitude of Jesus Christ who, according to the Bible, “made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant…and being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death – even death on a cross!”
  • ASK FOR CLARITY: Ask God to show you the present reality. How well have you modeled self-sacrifice for those you love and lead? If married, confess any struggles when it comes to loving and serving your wife. Do the same as it relates to your children or grandchildren. If you lead at work or at church, confess areas of weakness and invite God to give you strength to better reflect the example of Jesus Christ.
  • ASK FOR SUCCESS: Ask God to give you courage and creativity as you try to serve and lead those within your sphere of influence. Pray that they would be receptive to your efforts, even if you have failed in the past.

Over the next five weeks we will send a new assignment for each leadership category you have chosen. We hope they will help you turn the prayer you just prayed into a real-world reality with those you have been called to lead.

Going Further: