Miguel Leon Pic 4Miguel A. León was born on November 25, 1950 in the town of Camarones, in the province of Cienfuegos, in the mid-southern part of Cuba. He came to Christ in the Baptist church in his hometown in September 1979 and was baptized and joined the church in December of 1985, functioning as its lay pastor since 1986. He was imprisoned for his faith and for his pastoral leadership from November 19, 1993 to May 28, 1996. When he was released from prison, he resumed his missionary and evangelistic work. He immigrated to the United States in February of 1988 and began to work as a pastor, having been ordained in March of 1999. Since 2007, he began working with prisoners and was ordained as a chaplain that same year. From then to now, he has served faithfully in volunteer prison ministry.

Miguel will preach for our Hillcrest en Español services during our Global Impact Celebration weekend.